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Miracles of Dalit Mother

Our Lady of Dalit, Pray for the Dalits

This Statue of Our Lady of Dalits is specially made under the guidance of Rev. Fr. T. Iruthayaraj in Tuticorin and brought to the Home for the aged at Dalit City in K.Kailasapuram in the month of December 2006.  After the coming of the Dalit Mother, the activities of Rosary Trust at the home for the aged started prospering.  Besides caring the neglected elderly, its activities extended to helping poor students in education, empowering poor women with sewing machines etc. 


The elderly found the mother very beautiful and started praying to her.  They got healed of their diseases.  Thus miracles of Dalit Mother is growing day after day.  Dalit people can come to her and pray to her for all their problems.   Mother Mary is the Mother of all the dalits in the world.  Therefore she is praying in special way for them. 


Fr. T. Iruthayaraj and the members of DCC are praying continuously to Dalit Mother.  So people can call up on him for prayers at 9894857351 or email at admin@dalitcatholicchurch.org.  The following are some of the miracles:


Yesuraja (Thiruvengadam): He became a Dalit Christian after coming to the home for the aged.  His son Rajagopal who is in Punalur did not come to see him for years.  He prayed to Dalit Mother saying that he wanted to see him and his grand daughter meenakshi.  And on 04.05.2008, they came to see him unexpectedly.  He thanked Dalit Mother for the miracle. He says, “When I want to see someone and pray to the Mother, Dalit Mother brings him/her to me.”  Dalit Mother Pray for us.


1.     My name is Viagammal. I am staying at the home for the aged in K.Kailasapuram.  Here Dalit Matha is very beautiful and I pray to her every day.  I went to see my daughter in Madurai.  On 23.06.2008, my daughter and her husband went to office.  I asked the maidservant for hot water.  She said that gas was over and she did not allow me into kitchen. My daughter kept silent when I informed her about it.   So I prayed to Dalit Matha. The next day I came back to the home where I got all facilities I needed once again.  I thanked Dalit Matha for this opportunity.

2.     I am living on my husband’s pension.  Last two years, I was trying to get arrears money about Rs. 40,000.  Most of the staff in my area got arrears money immediately.  So I prayed to Dalit Matha, In the month of January 2008, it came with a surprise.  I would say it is a miracle because I prayed to Dalit Matha.  I thank her for that.


Nesam: In the month of April 2008, in my dream, a satan came to the home for the aged.  Dalit Mother threw the sari and covered the satan.  Immediately, the satan  flew away shouting like anything.  I felt happiness within me saying Dalit Mother is protecting the home.  I thank Dalit Mother Mary.


Celin Mary: 1. I am 40 years old and not married.  I am suffering from epilepsy for the last 20 years. It will attack 3 to 4 times a month.  My parents and brothers have treated me in several hospitals, taken me to several churches and tamples and done all kinds of medical treatments.  Nothing has cured me.  My mother’s money and my chain are finished off.  Finally my brothers put me in this home for the aged at K.Kailasapuram from January 2008.  Here I am praying to Dalit Mary Matha since I came.   I am able to eat well.  I put on weight 3kg within 3 months.  The frequency of epileptic attack is reduced and now I am surprised to know that it has not come since 1st of June 2008 for the whole month.  It is a miracle for me and I thank Dalit Matha.

2. On 24.06.2008, early morning when I was coming out of the room at the home for the aged, a big insect bit my foot.  It pained me terribly.  Immediately grand pa Thusnevish, one of the inmates prayed to Dalit Mother.  On the spot the pain has stopped.  I thank the Mother for this miracle.