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The Dalit Catholic Church
Diocese of Tamil Nadu

Welcomes you to this website !

Our faith community is here to serve you
without condition, no matter your state in life,
and openly professes the unconditional love of Christ.

We hope that you learn something
about us as we learn something about you and that in this process
we are better able to serve your spiritual needs and desires.

The Vision


The vision of the Dalit Catholic Church, Diocese of Tamil Nadu is to set up the Kingdom of God among the Dalits and to empower them as equal citizens of the world.


The Mission


The primary mission of the Dalit Catholic Church is to spread the message of Jesus Christ, found in the four Gospels, and to administer sacraments that aid the spiritual growth of its members.  To further its mission, the Church operates social programs and institutions. These include schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, missions, and shelters, as well as Relief Services and Dalit Catholic Charities that help the poor, families, the elderly, and the sick.



  • proclaim the word of God, to celebrate the sacraments, and to exercise the ministry of charity among the Dalits.
  • To conduct prayers and retreats.
  • To build churches and give pastoral care to the dalits.
  • To foster appreciation of all religions and promote religious harmony among the people.
  • To provide educational opportunities for total development of Dalit children and youth.
  • To liberate Dalit men and women from the clutches of bondage and exploitation.
  • To make professional education accessible to the Dalits; establish institutions of higher learning in Medicine,   Engineering, Nursing;  and to establish institutions for Teachers Education and Technical Education.
  • To establish hospitals to supplement Medical Education.
  • To establish Dalit Universities to maintain the standard of education.
  • To identify potential leaders among Dalits, infuse in them the thirst for equality and dignity   and equip them to strive towards it.
  • To promote the thirst for social justice and human rights among the grass roots.
  • To educate and motivate Dalit youth through Leadership Training camps in order to utilize their potential to create a new society free of discrimination and exploitation.
  • To empower Dalits at the micro level, to develop organized communities with self-esteem, security and human dignity for the landless poor through mobilization of human resources, social awareness, Legal Aid Services and by increasing the accessibility of people to government programs on Poverty Eradication.
  • To facilitate at the macro-level organization of people for Social Education and development through solidarity networking, documentation and Publication, advocacy, lobbying and by organizing Seminars and Rallies; and to effectively utilize the human resources of the organization, staff training and Development Programs at frequent intervals on Leadership Dynamics, Group Dynamics, Community Organization, etc.