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Dalit Apostle Iruthayaraj Thusnevish is called to be apostle to dalits  by Mother Mary.  He is himself a dalit.  He aspired to become a priest to serve Jesus. He was denied of his vocation by church men.  He was very much worried about his vocation to Jesus.  In the month of July, 1983, while studying 12th class at St. Thomas Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Tuticorin,  he decided to go to pray life long for the liberation of dalits at the mountain caves in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.  He walked westward, preaching the gospel from village to village. 


After 13 days he reached the bottom of the mountains somewhere north side about 20 km from Rajapalayam. There is a small hill.  East side of it goes Madurai road and west side of it goes a small village road.  Along the small road and the small hill there was a broken church of Mother Mary.  He reached there in the dark evening.  He did not have food for 3 days. He prayed in front of Mother Mary’s Statue and started sleeping.  At that time, he dreamt.  Mother Mary appeared and smiled at him.  She was very beautiful and said, “Go back to your village and do what is best for dalits.”


Therefore, He went back to study.  He joined the Jesuits at Caltcutta.  After 12 years, he found that he was not in the direction towards fulfilling the mission of Dalit Mother Mary.  He left the Jesuits and began to study further for the mission on his own at St. Peter’s  Theologate in Bangalore.


After the successful completion of the studies, he was ordained as priest at Mysore on 08.02.2002 by Bishop Joseph Roy.   He was very busy doing priestly ministry for 6 years at different churches.  Still he found himself not fulfilling the mission of Dalit Mother Mary.


After long prayers and reflections about the mission of the Dalit Mother, he started Dalit Catholic Church on 01.06.2008.

Now he is apostle to dalits doing the work of God, Dalit Jesus who himself became dalit, lived and died dalit for the redemption of dalits.


May all men and women become dalits like Dalit Jesus in order to be raised with Him.